About Dr. Robert Peters

Robert Peters in his Office

Dr. Robert Peters brings an outstanding record of public school administration to his role, along with a history of innovation and transformation in all aspects of leadership. Dr. Peters helps ensure that each student receives the highest degree of academic opportunity, from kindergarten through senior year. To him, helping students achieve their true goals is his main goal, because he sincerely values ensuring the success of each student. It’s vital that students receive the resources they need during their education and it’s up to teachers and administrators to step up as educators and make that happen.

In previous roles, Dr. Peters has developed and overseen counseling services, disciplinary processes, student support services, special education programs, and extracurricular activities, among other key functions. Committed to leadership training as well, Dr. Robert Peters has worked with principals, teachers, and other faculty members to develop the skills necessary for administrative positions down the road. No matter what role he’s working in related to education, Dr. Robert Peters does his best to be an upstanding educator and work toward the success of all students.

In public education for nearly 20 years, Dr. Peters previously served as principal of a middle and elementary school in Dallas, the latter of which rose from its 317th-place ranking to 7th place in the district. A former social studies teacher in San Antonio’s Northside ISD, Dr. Peters also ran the Gifted and Talented program at Stinson Middle School, winning a Sallie Mae First Year Teacher of the Year Award in 1996. He holds an EdD from the University of Texas at Austin (Cooperative Superintendency Program), MEd in educational administration from Our Lady of the Lake University, and BA in history and ethnic studies from Texas Tech University. He also has two children and currently resides in Dallas with his wife Michelle.